Staff Profiles

In 2003 a crack commando unit was sent to establish and control a unique concept store, dedicated to motorcyclists.Today, they are still sought by motorcycle and coffee lovers, just like forged wheels they keep on turning no matter what the terrain.

If you dare and if you can find us, maybe you can utilise the usual suspects of Garage Motorcycles.  We’re a diverse team of young and old, which work like a finely tuned V4. Some of us are a little quirky, which derives from Marylou…but when all else fails, she’s your gal.

Come and meet us!

 mlou dave2
Name: Marylou
Name: Dave
Nickname: Lou or “The Boss”
Nickname: “The Real Boss!”
Qualifications: Nursing, interior design, level II motorcycle coach and one day will complete studies in psychology and anthropology. Qualifications: Motorcycle Technician (specialised in suspension)
Years of experience: 10 years (Owner of Garage) 25 years (Riding instructor) Years of experience: 10 years (Garage) 30+ years (Mechanic)
Role at Garage Motorcycles: Owner and Sales manager Role at Garage Motorcycles: Motorcycle Technician (part time)
Interests: Discussing politics, life and the universe. Interests: Aviation, American politics, Motorcycle racing and tinkering with engines.
Fast fact: “Testa Di Rappe” Fast fact: We forgive him, he used to ride a Ducati!
 anna  angus
Name: Anna
Name: Angus
Nickname: Miss Muffett or Supermum Nickname: AJ
Qualifications: Degree in Business, Diploma in Finance Qualifications: Certificate III Motorcycle Technician, Aprilia & Moto Guzzi technical training.
Years of experience: The dawn of time!
Years of experience: 10 years at Garage
Role at Garage Motorcycles: Accounts Payable and Receivable, Marylou’s personal assistant and Barista extraordinaire Role at Garage Motorcycles: Motorcycle Technician, Motorcycle Critic and Straight Shooter Salesperson. NOT a Barista! 
Interests: Sports, music (helps hubby as a DJ) running a muck with my children and a GOOD coffee. Interests: Motorcycles & cars
Fast fact: ….”years of academy training wasted.” (Buzz Lightyear) Fast fact: A passionate dislike for BMW’s and feels like a human tyre-changing machine
 Barry Hartog
Name: Heidi
Name: Barry Hartog
Nickname: Heids Nickname: “The Hart”
Qualifications: SACE, TAFE Qualifications: Bachelor of Science and majored in Robotics and Cynicism.
Years of experience: 1 year at Garage
Years of experience: 3 years at Garage
Role at Garage Motorcycles: Office Administrator, Barista
Role at Garage Motorcycles: Oily Rag journalist
Interests: Scrapbooking and Body Art Interests: Anything and everything that has two wheels and an engine.
Fast fact: Loves being a mum! Fast fact: Doesn’t adhere to societal norms!
Name: Chip
Nickname: “Killer”
Qualifications: Nil
Years of experience: 10 years at Garage
Role at Garage Motorcycles: General dogsbody
Interests: Killing chickens and laser beams!
Fast fact: Survivor of snakebites, equine assault and Marylou’s cooking