The Oily Rag #75: Aussie results from the 2014 Isle of Man TT – Part 2

Following on from Part 1, here’s how the Aussies fared at this year’s Isle of Man TT races.

"Team ANZAC"

Team ANZAC” at Ballaugh Bridge – Image courtesy Dave Kneen

Sidecar Race 2

This was another race that was rescheduled to the following day due to bad weather. The Beares started 36th and were up to 17th at the end of the first lap. The usual sidecar attrition helped a bit, but they still rose to 15th by the end of lap 2, and finished in 12th position, earning themselves a Bronze replica.

Darryl Rayner and Richard Lawrence started 38th but went missing on the timing after Ramsey hairpin. They suffered electrical problems and retired from the race at Joey’s, the 26th milestone.

Alex Pickett

Alex Pickett in the second Supersport race – Image courtesy Dave Kneen

Supersport Race 2

Considering he hasn’t raced a Supersport bike for years, Josh Brookes was in great form in the second Supersport TT, holding 5th place for the first 2 laps. He had a close battle with first Ivan Linton and then Lee Johnston, who had started 10 seconds ahead of Brookes. They were together on the road, thus Brookes was 10 seconds ahead, and battled for the last 2 laps, until things turned sour on the last lap at Creg-Ny-Baa. Josh tweeted what happened;

“Unfortunately Lee came under me on the brakes at the Creg and he lost the front and we both went into the barrier. All ok and still friends.”

An unfortunate end to what was shaping up to be the best TT result yet for Josh Brookes.

Dave Johnson looked to be easing into things on his R6, running in 16th at the end of the first lap, and then 14th for the pitstop at the end of lap 2, but retired with a technical issue shortly after. He opined afterwards on Twitter that a “Top 10 was on the cards”.

Alex Pickett started 61st and was the only Aussie finisher in 39th, earning himself a Bronze replica.

Lightweight TT

Dave Johnson was the only Aussie in the Lightweight TT. Starting 16th he was up to 12th at the end of the first of 3 laps. Climbing up to 10th at the end of Lap 2, he was involved in a terrific fight for 9th to the end of the race, with positions swapping at each timing point around the final lap until the Bungalow, where he stayed in 10th to the finish, 3 seconds behind 9th place. That would be another Silver replica then.

Cam Donald

Cameron Donald at Creg-Ny-Baa – Image courtesy Dave Kneen

Senior TT

This event provided some great mirth from Guy Martin on the starting grid. Asked how he was feeling about the race, he responded by making Manx Radio listeners aware of the fact that the day represented the 70th anniversary to the day of the D-Day landings, the significance infusing a desire to win, because “we don’t want the Germans to win”, alluding to Michael Dunlop’s Superbike TT victory on the BMW.

Cameron Donald had another problematic preparation to his second race for the week, with the recalcitrant weather trimming scheduled practice for the Senior. With more significant changes to test, the R&D was done in the race proper. The first lap saw Cam record a 124 mph average from a standing start, the fastest he’d gone all week. The second lap was looking strong before a vibration emanated from the rear wheel. Cam erred on the side of caution and toured back to the pits where they found that the tyre had spun on the rim, putting the wheel out of balance. This is the first year of a 3 year project though.

“There was a lot to be positive about as we had worked so hard and remained positive and professional the entire. We now have a huge amount of data and lessons learnt to take away. We’ll come back stronger and the Norton TT effort is far from over.”

Alex Pickett showed a great progression in the race recording a 121.010 mph lap on the first lap, holding 40th place. He followed that up with a 119 mph lap into the fuel stop at the end of lap 2, but would soon retire from the race.

Roll on 2015!

So it all kicks off again on 30th May, 2015. Cam, Davo, and Josh will be back. The British Superbike Championship organisers are sympathetic to the TT and have refrained from scheduling a BSB round during the TT fortnight, enabling several BSB riders and teams to compete at the home of proper road racing.

Barry Hartog
First published 5th July 2014